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Riddle Pheromone Oil - Sphinx

Riddle Pheromone Oil - Sphinx

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Woody   Musk   Soft

Egyptian Musk | Sandalwood 


Pheromone Oils

Original and Sphinx

Although these are our top-selling scents (we ship thousands of products in these two scents monthly), they require some explanation as people can easily become nose-blind to them, think certain bottles/products in the same scent have different potency, or don't smell them at all.

First, it is important to know that all of our fragrances are distilled in a controlled environment that renders each batch the same potency as the first one ever made. Our batches are always run through strict QC procedures and tested for color, scent, and molecular structure before being used in our products.

Our Original and Sphinx scents are considered pheromone oils because of how they interact with your skin and evaporate into the air.

They work with your own body chemistry (hormones, diet, health, genetics, pheromones, etc.) to act as an accelerant to your natural scent. These oils are enhancers, and because you're mainly nose-blind to your own scent, you may not smell these on yourself. However, our number one review on these scents is how many compliments people receive when wearing them.

Our pheromone oils are also made using only base notes and are ambroxan heavy, whereas perfumes and colognes are made using top, middle, and base notes. One of the differentiations between these three notes is the heaviness of their molecules.

The top note (lightest molecule) is what you smell right out of the bottle, made using citrus and aromatic notes. The middle (heart) note comes out around 20 minutes and is the more full-bodied floral, green, fruity, and spice notes. Then your base notes appear around 30-45 minutes and are woody and balsamic notes. These base notes meld with your body chemistry before the heaviness of the molecule can heat up enough to dispense into the air.

Because Original and Sphinx do not have top and middle notes, they are very hard to detect by smelling the roller ball alone.

If you stopped smelling your Original or Sphinx products, take a break, our scent receptors are quick to adapt and slow to reset. Give your products a break for a week or longer. But know that the scent is still there if you want to continue wearing it.


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